Common Crab Spider – Xysticus cristatus

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Crab spiders don’t make catching webs, but use their elongated first and second legs to overpower their prey. They are sit and wait predators, often well camouflaged and laying in an ambush to surprise passing prey.

common crab spider xysticus cristatus

Habitat: in many different environments such as grassland, on bushes and other low vegetation, rather in open habitats.

How to recognize:

  • light to dark brown colour
  • cephalothorax with clear dark triangle
  • abdomen with a lighter pattern (in the shape of a pine tree)

Looks similar to:

  • several other Xysticus species. Only close study with a stereomicroscope will allow for a certain identification.


♀: 9-11 mm

♂: 3-4 mm


♀: April till August

♂: April till August

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